Radical Kindness Is Your Competitive Advantage

I’m Lara Heacock and I help leaders and companies leverage kindness to gain powerful results.

Kindness Has The Power To:


Reduce staff turnover by


Reduce workplace stress by


Increase productivity by


Improve customer satisfaction by

source: www.engageforsuccess.org

Despite what we’ve often been told, kindness and business really can go together. In fact, kindness is the missing ingredient in many organizations.

Far from being soft and fluffy, kindness improves trust, increases engagement, and promotes emotional safety – three factors that significantly improve performance, creativity, and profitability.

Kindness is your competitive advantage and your market edge.

“Kindness involves clarity, boundaries, focus, and action.


Kindness isn’t ‘soft’ or unconcerned with performance.


Instead, kindness in business places human-to-human interaction at the heart of our decisions, behaviors, and values.


Kindness is about valuing ourselves and our colleagues, prioritizing well-being (not just because it’s ethical but because it has a massive impact on our ability to perform), and having courageous conversations with compassion.”


Lara Heacock

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noun kind·ness ˈkīn(d)-nəs

1. the quality or state of being kind – Treating people with kindness and respect.

2. a kind deed : favor – They did me a great kindness.

3. archaic : affection

Studio shot of Lara Heacock, a white woman wearing business attire, smiling warmly and facing the camera.
I’m Lara Heacock. I help leaders lean into kindness to unlock blind spots, increase self-awareness, and improve their performance – even when it’s difficult.

I’m a leadership coach with 20 years’ experience in corporate America, with a dozen of those in Talent Acquisition leadership.

I know that kindness and corporate America don’t seem like obvious bedfellows – but let me tell you, kindness is the difference that makes all the difference. 

Far from being an easy way out, kindness helps us to do the hard stuff. It helps build resilience, increase engagement and reduce turnover. 

It helps to foster loyalty, creativity, and innovation – in other words, it impacts our emotional bottom line as well as the financial one. 

Find out more about why I’m so on fire about this. 

I've matured as a leader and am much more relaxed even though the work and deliverables have remained the same. I'm coming up with more creative ideas and am better at problem solving since I'm less stressed. My team is even feeling less overwhelm because I'm able to manage them from a more relaxed place.


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