That’s a line I’ve said to every one of my clients in the past 3-4 weeks. There is no rule book for a global pandemic. There is no rule book for suddenly having to teach your children while you try to work. There is no rule book for making your in-person team virtual in less than a week. There is no rule book for how to lead amidst constantly changing HR laws, business loans that may or may not happen, furloughs, illness…and doing it all while you’re trapped at home – sometimes cut off from the support you’re used to having.

There is no rule book, but there is help.

I’ve spent the past few weeks sharing the things that are helping leaders support their folks right now. Naming how you’re feeling, bringing more humanity into your leadership, and finding some calm in this storm (NEW TIP: take mini stretch breaks between the constant video chats!), are a few of the things that are helping.

But what about when you need the support? If you’re lucky, you have a leader who is offering the same things you’re offering to your people, but as much as I advocate against it, I also know that one-on-ones are often the first thing that gets dropped from a schedule when things get tough.

And things are tough for every leader I know. That’s why I’m creating support for folks during this emergency. It’s going to be super simple and financially accessible. Watch this space in the next few days for more details…and in the interim, take good care of yourself and each other.