I offer this practice at the end of 2020 – a very challenging year to say the least, but it can be used at any ending and beginning. It’s a chance to reflect, and to look forward. An easy way to get clarity, find the lessons, and set yourself up to head in the right direction.

There are 2 simple questions that drive this practice:
1) What do you want to leave behind?
2) What do you want to invite in?

You can make some time to simply ponder these questions and jot down notes, or you can make it a more formal practice and journal on the questions in an intentional way. This can even be a practice done with a team, partner, mastermind, or friend. Use the detail below, and see what comes up for you – you may be surprised!

What do you want to leave behind?
When you think about 2020 (or the period of time that’s relevant for you), think about all of its challenges, joys and sorrows. As you reflect, what things, habits, patterns or behaviors do you want to leave behind? What no longer serves you? What has run its course?

What do you want to invite in?
If you could have it any way, how would you have it? What do you want more of? What’s already working that you can amplify? Consider what comes to mind when you ask yourself these questions. Get clear on what you want to invite in, and then look for ways to do that.