This goes in the category of, “how you are in 1 place in life, you are in all places in life.”

A leader was sharing that their team consistently made little mistakes. A step was forgotten here, a piece of info wasn’t relayed there.

“Do they have instructions or checklists?”, I asked.

“Yes, but they think they know how to do things, so they’re not using them.”, the leader responded.

Use. The. Tools.

This is true in work and in life. We can so easily think we’ve aced something, or have it totally down pat, or know it completely…until a simple mistake shows us we don’t.

Feeling great because you’ve got a consistent meditation practice? Excellent. Keep meditating.

Keep your cool because you’ve learned how to regulate your emotions? Wonderful! Keep using the tools that help keep you regulated.

Made it to every meeting on time because you set alarms? Sweet! Keep setting the alarms.

Got the invoices out perfectly because you used the instructions? Amazing. Keep using the instructions!

We’re all works in progress and we’re all imperfect humans. Our brains like mastery. It feels good and comfortable and safe and successful. It can also trick us into a false sense of security, at times.

The tools that you’ve created in all areas of your life will continue to evolve. Let them shift as you shift…and always keep using them.