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, hoPractical and transformative insights – and the skilled support to improve performance. 

In today’s complex organizations, it’s impossible for leaders to get a clear assessment of their own performance from every angle. 

They may not fully understand the contribution of the people they manage, as they may be matrixed and engage in autonomous or semi-autonomous relationships with customers or colleagues.

We can’t manage what we don’t measure, and obtaining wide-ranging information forms an accurate, holistic picture of performance. 

360-degree feedback is used in leadership development to:

  • Make leaders aware of the perceptions of his/her/their behavior in the workplace as viewed by his/her/their work colleagues
  • Identify behavioral strengths 
  • Identify areas of behavior that may need development
  • Provide a basis for compiling a personal development plan, with the guidance of an experienced coach
  • Create an environment where open discussion about behavior is an accepted practice in the organization

hat is 360 Degree Feedback?

The 360-degree process comprises of two phases: 360-degree profiling and 360-degree coaching.

360-degree profiling is the process of gaining feedback from peers, clients, managers assessing the participant against a set of behaviors, competencies, or core values.

360-degree coaching is the process of guiding the person who was assessed through their results, and creating a course of action that will result in behavioral change and sustainable gains in productivity.

The process is powerful and transformational. Contact me if you would like to see how it can benefit your organization. 360 Degree assessments are available independently, or as part of an Executive Coaching engagement.

I've matured as a leader and am much more relaxed even though the work and deliverables have remained the same. I'm coming up with more creative ideas and am better at problem solving since I'm less stressed. My team is even feeling less overwhelm because I'm able to manage them from a more relaxed place.


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