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Through working with you, I worked out the pain coming from a difficult professional situation that was still there. I learned to trust myself again. I learned to assert myself and my desires more often and more naturally.

I’m most excited about the feeling of calm and peace I have. I’m not struggling anymore and everything feels a lot more natural and simple to me. You helped me to connect with myself again in a moment of serious struggle. I’ll always be grateful for this. The learning of our work together will stay with me for a long time.

Diana Malerba

Confidence Coach

I no longer live ‘on the defensive’ at work. I practice ‘doing the right thing’ daily, based on facts and my expertise. I can keep my calm much more effectively.

I’m grateful for the freedom and confidence working with Lara has given me in my professional life, I no longer think I’m an odd-ball, I feel one of the most capable people out there!

Nicola Summers

Marketing Manager

Before working with Lara I truly felt I was at my ‘breaking point’ – stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and feeling like I was on a constant ‘hamster wheel’, spinning out of control.

Lara helped me to get my joy and confidence back.  I’m now able to balance work and life more clearly with renewed focus. I have my happy life back

Jillian Olsen

Sr Project Manager

I described myself before coaching as having ‘lost my skip’.  I had no job satisfaction, no ambition and just no lust for life.  Now I have a new job that challenges me and keeps me satisfied.  I am surrounding myself with folks who keep me laughing and keep me enjoying my life.  I am not getting sucked into anyone else’s drama.

I love my new job and I know I wouldn’t have found it without Lara directing me through the search process.  Lara understood my situation and helped me get to a place where I not only fit, but where I can grow.  So, so, so happy.  

Marina Zeccardi

Training Director

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