Break Glass In Case Of Emergency Coaching

Targeted Support For Unprecedented Times

Break Glass In Case Of Emergency Coaching


Challenges come with leadership – that’s a given.

But NO ONE has experienced our current situation before. No matter how ‘tooled up’ you are as a leader, nothing will have prepared you for this. 

In unprecedented times we all need additional resilience, support and ingenuity – to address the daily ‘WTF???’ moments and address these challenges head-on. 

Introducing ‘Break Glass In Case of Emergency’ Coaching

Weekly coaching, sounding board and support to help you step up, stay resilient and respond like the leader you are – whatever is being thrown at you right now. 

No long term contracts, this is the time for weekly, targeted support. 


A sounding board and secure space to work through not only the professional challenges but stay resilient and resourceful, too. 


Is now the right time for coaching? 


Now might not be the time for a new five-year plan or a big product launch. What you thought you’d be doing back in January looks like it’s from another world. 

But being able to adapt, respond and look after yourself and your clients/teams/colleagues in the process?

Coaching can absolutely help with that. 

Maybe you are suddenly managing:

  • Disrupted supply chains
  • Remote teams
  • Layoffs and furloughed staff
  • Higher demand from customers
  • Stressed out and anxious colleagues
  • Just the sheer pace of change and uncertainty?

Lara Heacock specializes in helping leaders take on the tough challenges with kindness – both to themselves and to their teams. 

In this new service, you will get weekly calls with Lara to work through what’s happening now, get a supported and objective 20,000 foot view, and discern what steps need to be taken in the short, medium and, where appropriate, longer-term.

You’ll get strategic help and support and most importantly, a chance to step out the pressure cooker of the workplace, and gain valuable perspective to help you make effective decisions. 

8 x weekly coaching sessions of 30 minutes each.  No assessments, no 360, no huge goals, just targeted support at a time when you most need it.

Targeted, in the moment support for when you need it most.

Investment = $2500 (payment plans available)

Contact Lara to discuss your needs and see how this service can help you

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What Clients Are Saying:


Before working with Lara I truly felt I was at my ‘breaking point’ – stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and feeling like I was on a constant ‘hamster wheel’, spinning out of control.

Lara helped me to get my joy and confidence back.  I’m now able to balance work and life more clearly with renewed focus. I have my happy life back

-Jillian, Sr. Project Manager

I’m grateful for the freedom and confidence working with Lara has given me in my professional life, I no longer think I’m an odd-ball, I feel one of the most capable people out there!
-Nicola, Marketing Manager

I described myself before coaching as having ‘lost my skip’.  I had no job satisfaction, no ambition and just no lust for life.

Lara understood my situation and helped me get to a place where I not only fit but where I can grow.  So, so, so happy.  

-Marina, Training Director

I've matured as a leader and am much more relaxed even though the work and deliverables have remained the same. I'm coming up with more creative ideas and am better at problem solving since I'm less stressed. My team is even feeling less overwhelm because I'm able to manage them from a more relaxed place.


Audit Manager

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