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Bio – Longer Version:

Lara Heacock is a Leadership Coach who brings over 20 years’ experience in Corporate America. She runs popular personal development blog, and works with professionals and companies to help them use kindness to end the epidemic of burnout in America.

Lara’s background includes working in companies ranging from small privately-held firms to multi-national organizations. In over a decade of leadership, she managed geographically dispersed teams, and mentored and coached associates in the US and abroad.

Lara has an MBA, is a certified coach, award-winning writer, in-demand speaker, and author of the book Practical Kindness: 52 Ways To Bring More Compassion, Courage And Kindness Into Your World

Lara is obsessed with how we change the culture of corporate America from one promotes “busy-ness” and burnout as status symbols to one that’s rooted in kindness. Using her KIND method, Lara works with leaders to avoid their own burnout, so that they can create teams (and lives!) that thrive. You can download the KIND methodology at and get daily doses of kindness at

Bio – Shorter Version:

Lara Heacock is a Leadership Coach who brings almost 20 years’ experience in Corporate America. She runs popular personal development blog, and works with leaders and their teams to help them use kindness as a change agent in their lives and organizations.


Thought Provoking Keynote Speaker

Rallyer of Crowds

Warm and Insightful Panel Member

Engaging Leader of Breakout Sessions

If you want a compelling speaker and motivator to keynote your conference, engage your audience, and inspire them to place kindness at the heart of everything they do,  then Lara is the speaker for you.

Lara can incorporate her content into your theme and is available to speak authentically and passionately about:

  • Kindness Is Key – how to reduce workplace stress, avoid burnout & create teams that thrive.
  • How to increase your personal capacity (the answer isn’t what you think)
  • Why we’re going about tackling workplace stress all wrong (and how we can change that)
  • Kindness in Business – How this underused asset Provides a competitive edge
  • The KIND Process in Action – the repeatable system to maximize your potential
  • Balance for Busy People – simple ways to avoid burnout and thrive in your 9-5
  • Beyond Confidence – how to thrive as a woman in a man’s world

Favorite Topics:

  • How we can be kinder to ourselves, and one another
  • Leadership & Performance
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Handling overwhelm and managing stress

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Lara Heacock has been a powerful facilitator within our organization, helping every team member to understand how to identify weaknesses with compassion and to use that process as a growth opportunity for creating positive change. She’s willing to do the real work of connecting people to what matters most, and helps us all to leverage our strengths so that we can learn, grow, and do better.”

– Kate Swoboda, author of The Courage Habit and Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification

I no longer live ‘on the defensive’ at work. I practice ‘doing the right thing’ daily, based on facts and my expertise. I can keep my calm much more effectively.

I’m grateful for the freedom and confidence working with Lara has given me in my professional life, I no longer think I’m an odd-ball, I feel one of the most capable people out there!”

– Nicola Summers, Marketing Manager


Studio shot of Lara Heacock, a white woman wearing business attire, smiling warmly and facing the camera.
Lara Heacock, A white woman, outside, stood leaning against a railing, smiling and facing the camera.