Practical Kindness

By Lara K. Heacock, MBA

Practical Kindness: 52 Ways to Bring Compassion, Courage and Kindness into Your World.

Practical Kindness is a simple way to bring more kindness into your life. From the most important foundation of self-kindness, to the courage to be imperfect, living kindly, and life lessons, this easy to implement book will take you through your kindest year yet. Laid out in a weekly format, each week gives you a different, tangible way to add more kindness to your life.


I also appreciate that it has depth and nuance and is about authentic kindness and being thoughtful and I’ve already learned a lot about how to bring more kindness into my life in a grounded and practical way.

– Shila Soni, Review


This book is simple yet powerful, I think everyone can benefit from reading this slim volume of wisdom!

– John Bubas


Love the book! It’s simple, easy to read with a powerful message that gets lost in the chaos of life. Lara’s weekly inspiration and drive for kindness gives me hope for humanity. I am reading this with my 13-year-old and we are thoroughly enjoying it.

– Cheezygr, Review